I will be

your hand & feet

Shuji lives with Yuri, and work together. Yuri can't walk, so Shuji give a piggyback any time. It is their way of life. 
One day, Yuri goes missing to leave a message. Shuji lost himself. His sadness makes Kyoko cry. At real world, Shuji lives with Kyoko, his wife. There is no one called Yuri. He is a imaginary person who Shuji created in his mind. And Shuji seems to have noticed it.

Two ill matched garden statues fall in love in this animated exploration of the battle between spiritual enlightenment and physical desires that we all go through. An imaginative take on what happens in your garden when you’re not looking.

It's the 1960s and a blizzard is raging in Iowa City, a place where Kurt Vonnegut, Jr teaches in the Writers' Workshop and Gayatri Spivak holds classes in literary theory. This evening Raymond Carver is worried about his wife's possible infidelity. As Carver is stewing over Maryann's lateness, Lois, a pretty undergraduate, pops out of the bathroom, regales him with theory, and seduces him. Phoebe Dronfield, a fake fictional character from Vonnegut's "Slaughter House Five," rides to the rescue, revealing Lois as a theory-monster, brain-eating zombie. But why has Maryann chosen to buy cauliflower at the grocery store?



24  /  06  /  2019

PFC website launch.


26  /  06  /  2019

Submission opening


27  /  07  /  2019

PFC workshop on
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